Pool Chlor - The Sparkling Difference!


Pool Chlor is a personalized Pool and Spa Store, specializing in providing "Sparkling Crystal Clear" pool water. We sell all the products that will help you keep your pool sparkling all season long, and our service and repair programs can help keep your water clear and your pool equipment running well for years to come.

Pool Chlor's Chemical Service uses chlorine to give you the freshest pool water possible. This has proven to be the safest for your pool and equipment. We are proud to be a part of Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. We are also an authorized service center for many popular products and name brands!

Save Energy Save Money. Most swimming pools use well over $1000.00 per year in electricity and electricity costs are going up. We specialize in energy efficient equipment. Swimming pools are all very different, and it is extremely important to choose the right equipment for your specific situation in order to get the highest savings possible. We evaluate each site and choose the equipment that will most efficiently meet the requirements of your pool and spa. We choose from a large variety of equipment brands. This allows us to truly choose the best equipment to meet the requirements of each job and each individual customer.

Pool Chlor is proud to be part of SCP's Backyard FunStore program, and we are committed to customer satisfaction at all costs. Our products are high quality and we offer everything from chemicals to lighting. Our wide selection allows you to purchase everything you need for your pool all in one convenient location.

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